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YG Entertainment Reveals Why 2NE1 Turned Down Year- End Invitations

K-pop fans won't be seeing 2NE1 in the year-end programs this year

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SM Entertainment Releases Statement About f(x) Member Krystal

It was just days ago when f(x) member Krystal collapsed in the concert of SMTown in Shanghai

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Dahee Submits Third Letter of Apology to Lee Byung Hun, Seeks Favourable Arrangement With Actor

Following the first round of trials, it was reported that Dahee has forwarded her third letter of apology to Lee Byung Hun.

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12 Songs in Dynamic Duo Gaecko's Album Banned by KBS

Songs in Gaecko's album had been deemed unfit for KBS broadcast

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Representatives Reveal the Possibility the Reunion of First Generation Idol Group Sechskies

Are you ready to see Sechskies once more on stage

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Actor Lee Byung Hun Comes Out for the First Time After the Blackmailing Incident

After the blackmailing controversy that got actor Lee Byung Hun caught with GLAM's Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon, the actor appears in public for the first time

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TVXQ Celebrates their 10th Year Anniversary with a Concert Tour on December

TVXQ will be celebrating their 10th year in the industry on December

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ZE:A's Moon Junyoung Takes a Break, According to Star Empire

With the controversy Moon Junyoung was involved in, Star Empire announces that he is in hiatus and has apologized for his Twitter message

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BEAST's "12:30" Sweeps All Music Charts, Other Tracks in Album All Line Up in the Top 10

BEAST gets an 'All-Kill' status as they sweep the charts

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Nicole Jung Teams Up with Producer Sweetune for Upcoming Solo Debut

Nicole is gearing up for her debut, teams up with producer Sweetune

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EXO's Tao: "I Hope Remaining Members Continue to Stay"

EXO member Tao have expressed his wish of the remaining EXO members to stay in the group

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Ladies' Code Accident Tends to Be Due to Speeding not From Mechanical Defect

Police and investigators have brought out the real reason of Ladies' Code vehicular accident

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4minute Members Gayoon And HyunA Postponed their Scheduled Fashion Show After the Pangyo Festival Incident

Gayoon and HyunA has cancelled their fashion show after the Pangyo Incident

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