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WINNER Shares Their Thoughts About Opening for Big Bang's Concert

Fresh from their firs stage performance, WINNER opened up to how they feel opening for Big Bang's Japan tour.

Nov 19, 2013 05:50 AM GMT

On November 16, YG Entertainment's breakout group WINNER performed in front of thousands of Japanese VIPs as the opening act for Big Bang's 6-Dome Concert. The rookie group was welcome by applauses and cheers from the audience, masking the boys nervousness over their first ever stage performance.

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A YG Entertainment representative revealed that the members of WINNER were, "nervous that they would make a mistake so they finished their performance well with full hearts."

On their behalf, the boys admitted, "We were so nervous we'd make a mistake on Big Bang's stage and we were concerned about being overwhelmed at the sheer scale of the concert. But we ended up performing well and we poured our hearts into it."

They also added, "After today's performance, we hope to continue to improve ourselves and show a better side of us."

Prior to their big stage debut, WINNER was reportedly greeted by 300 fans when they arrived in Japan. YG Entertainment revealed in a press conference, "On November 15, when WINNER reached Japan, they were greeted by 300 fans at the airport, which is no less than a Hallyu star would receive." 

After their participation in Big Bang's tour, the boys of WINNER will be preparing for their big group debut by the end of this year or early in the next.

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