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Song Baek Kyung of 1TYM Informs Fans on Team B and Showed YG Trainee Manual on Facebook

1TYM's Song Baek Kyung shared the YG trainee manual to his followers on Facebook 1TYM's Song Baek Kyung was reminded his recent visit to the practice room of YG Entertainment and informed fans on how Team B's trainee lifestyle is.

Dec 1, 2013 08:30 AM GMT
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Song Baek Kyung

1TYM's Song Baek Kyung was reminded his recent visit to the practice room of YG Entertainment and informed fans on how Team B's trainee lifestyle is.

On November 30 he wrote on his Facebook acoount, "On my way to Sangamdong because of a wedding ceremony, I made a short visit to YG, it's been a long time since I last visited. Someone was noisily gathering together and practicing at the practice room so I knocked on the door and carefully opened it. I said, "Hi, guys! Do you know who I am? I am 1TYM ahjusshi - And scarily just like the Samsung Anycall flip phone a long time ago folds up, they yelled out, 'Hello. How are you?', like a knee-jerk reaction. Upon the group introduction, it was to the level that I would say, "Specialty: Greeting well", that they did not just bow 90 degrees but 120 degrees. The kids do an acrobatic movement through their greeting.. I don't know how their backs don't hurt."

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"Right! Each one of the kids of 'WIN's Team B all seem like kids that became people. Although it's Saturday, I was touched by how they immersed themselves into practice. There was a kid with the last name, 'Song', from Team B and a kid named 'Jinhwan' - That is why my heart goes out to them. Kiddos~ hehe I want to see Team B debut together as soon as possible more and more."

"A long time ago, Hyun Suk hyung would personally kick us with his Timberland walkers to help make people (If we get hit by the Timberland walkers, it hurt every time). These days, he makes people through this warlike decree. I think this method is better. The world became a better place to live in. Anyone can be a singer but to be a singer that no one else can be, it is definite that this world has become harder than before. As I was on my way back, I was filled with memories so I turned up N.R.G's 'I Can Do It', while listening to it on my way back."

He as well took a photo of Yang Hyun Suk's trainee instruction manual which had shown:

"CEO Yang's Instructions

1. Before becoming a singer, become a human first.

- All of the trainees should greet anyone who is older than them including YG artists and staff with a 90 degree bow and loud voice.

2. YG can make a gem shine but doesn't have the ability to make a stone shine.

- Will you be a gem or stone? This will only be possible through your blood and sweat of effort. Don't forget that you're trainees with only potential at the moment at 5 points [out of 100] and don't forget to use one hour of practice to the fullest like it's ten hours worth. At the end of the month, all of the trainees will be reviewed so always be on alert.

Those who are lacking in effort or potential will be sent home."

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