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Lee Dong Wook Shares How He Took Care of Her Sister's Wedding in "Taxi"

Actor Lee Dong Wook was recently a guest in the tvN talk show "TAXI" where he revealed that he paid for his sister's wedding, saying he likes taking care of her sister.

Dec 3, 2013 03:00 PM GMT
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Actor Lee Dong Wook recently guest starred on the December 2 episode of tvN talk show "Taxi". In the show Lee Dong Wook shared that he made all the preparations and attended to other matters pertaining to her sister's upcoming wedding.

The actor was asked if he gave money and other wedding gifts to his sister. He answered, "My sister doesn't have a lot of savings, so I took the obligation of taking care of all the expenses."

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The actor shared, "It's not that expensive, and it will be a church wedding. I've always wanted to do this, and I want to take care of my sister until she gets married. I am older than her by 3 years. She went to a high school for the arts, and she majored in theatrical studies in college. I paid for all her school fees. I also provided for her allowance. My sister is very obedient. Since she's getting married, she even told me to take care of myself from here on in."

Lee Dong Wook also talked about his brother-in-law. "He's a veterinarian and very capable. He recently put up his own clinic, on which I also invested a bit. But I think it was a really good investment. I really like my brother-in-law ever since I first met him. As a man, I could tell he loves my sister and that I can count on him. My sister currently has two jobs: a drama healing therapist and dance teacher for children."

Now, who wouldn't want Lee Dong Wook for a big brother? Good looking and absolutely loving, why not?

TagㆍLee Dong Wook

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