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Lorde Reveals She Wants To Collaborate With Lee Hi and Other K-pop Acts

In a recent interview with Universal Music, "Royals" singer Lorde revealed her great interest in K-pop and her desire to collaborate with some top artists including Lee Hi.

Dec 4, 2013 10:40 AM GMT
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In a previous interview with Universal Music, New Zealand breakthrough artist Lorde, who shot to fame with her massive indie hit "Royals", expressed her interests in K-pop. The singer also revealed that she wanted to write a song for a K-pop girl group.

She told Universal Music, "Personally, I really like K-pop groups. I particularly enjoy the music of Lee Hi. I want to collaborate with her. I also like 2NE1." In the interview, Lorde even sang a part of Lee Hi's chart-topping "1,2,3,4", showing that she truly is a fan of the Korean rookie idol who shares the same age with her.

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When asked why she likes K-pop, Lorde explained, "It's because the melodies to their songs are very captivating. Their melodies are more vibrant than Western pop songs which I grew up listening to. When it comes to pop music, K-pop should be the ideal benchmark."

K-pop idol groups are also known for the fantastic dancing abilities, and Lorde revealed, "[I'm a bad dancer.] I think I need dance tutorials from Girls' Generation."

Lorde is already a huge star with millions of fans all over the globe. The singer also expressed her desire to visit Korea to meet her fans and K-pop idols. "If I get the chance, I definitely want to visit Korea and meet everyone. I hope my current album has already made significant impact to everyone there."

2NE1, Girls' Generation, Lee Hi, and Lorde in one show? Definitely something to look forward to!

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