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News Source CNN Writes an Article on "How K-pop Cashes in on Image"

The popular media outlet features how K-pop has spread and why this is successful, rising in the last two years.

Dec 13, 2013 08:34 PM GMT
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Recently, the news source, CNN wrote about "how K-Pop cashes in on image."

The article pertained how K-pop recently boomed by almost 50 percent from 2011 to 2012, making approximately $290 million just last year. The concerts have the possibility to sell out in minutes and fans quickly buy merchandise such as albums, DVDs and photobooks to name a few.

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It also mentioned how idols go through many years of vocal and dance training before they make their debut. Often, they also study other language such as Japanese or Chinese for them to be ready to penetrate the foreign market. CJ E&M's head of strategy and global business, Mike Suh stated that the long training process is essential "so that they immediately attract fans when they first appear."

In the K-Pop industry, image is a significant factor when it comes to an idol's success. Idols needs to be cautious of their words and actions. Their agencies always watch them at all times. The article used Crayon Pop's polite manners at MAMA and Block B, Se7en, and Jay Park's former controversies as instances.

In another facet, a scandal can also affect a company's profits. Like when G-Dragon tested positive for marijuana use in 2011, YG Entertainment's IPO (initial public offering) or stocks was down by ten percent. 

With this, it seems that K-pop has been growing and agencies have been profiting well. Read the rest of the article HERE

Tagㆍcrayon popG-DragonBlock BSe7en

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