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Jun Ji Hyun VS. Girls' Generation: Who will Win the High Fashion Battle?

The two are being faced-off in a high fashion battle because of their recent appearances.

Dec 27, 2013 12:43 PM GMT
TAGㆍJun Ji HyunGirls Generation
Jun Ji Hyun VS. Girls' Generation

Actress Jun Ji Hyun, who is now a lead star for SBS' drama "You Who Came From the Stars", has became a hot issue due to her "high fashion" pose in the recent episode of the drama, particularly after netizens have compared it with Girls' Generation's "high fashion" poses in other photos.

On the December 26th episode, the female character named Chun Song Yi, who is being starred by Jun Ji Hyun, had attended her friend's wedding in a cruise ship. While she was in the bride's waiting room, she met a person she did not like. The two started battling into poses making several funny poses that looked serious when the photographer took their pictures with the bride, which made the viewers laughed harder.

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Meanwhile, it was early this year when Girls' Generation had posted their "high fashion" poses, playfully showing off their slender figure and small waist lines that captured fans' eyes.
Netizens who have seen the pictures gave comments, such as "As expected from national girl group and national actress!", "It makes me laugh every time I see it" and "They both look lovely in this pose". 

TagㆍJun Ji HyunGirls Generation
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