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After School's Nana Stays Grounded Despite Being Guarded the Second Most Beautiful Face in 2013

Despite being hailed by Independent Critics as the Second Most Beautiful Face in 2013, After School member Nana said she still couldn't believe it.

Jan 22, 2014 10:15 AM GMT
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As previously reported, After School's Nana was hailed as the second most beautiful face in 2013 by Independent Critics. She ranked the second highest among all the women in the world, even besting super models, Hollywood celebrities, and other famed personalities. Despite this huge honour, Nana kept her ground and admitted everything caught her by surprise.

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In an interview with MBC's "Section TV", Nana said, "Honestly, it feels so new to me. My parents and my acquaintances all congratulated me."

However, the members of After School all teased her about it. "The members and I had the same thoughts. They thought we have gone out of our minds."

She continued, "Jung Ah told me to be proud, so I felt good about it."

Having the second most beautiful face, Nana was asked which facial feature was her favourite, and she answered with her square chin. "Before, I was jealous of the skinny V-lines. But after a while, I felt that square chins were better-looking."

TagㆍAfter SchoolNana

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