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Man Of the Hour, Yang Hyun Suk, His Explanation For A Different Attitude In "K-pop Star" and "WIN"

Yang Hyun Suk explains why he has different approaches on programs, "K-pop Star" and "WIN."

Sep 21, 2013 02:11 AM BST
TAGㆍYang Hyun SukYG Entertainment
Yang Hyun Suk

YG Entertainment's CEO, Yang Hyun Suk has been noticed by the viewers to have a strict persona for 'WIN 'and not like in the singing contest, K-pop Star. In an interview, he explained why he needed to have a different approach for the reality show, "WIN."

He explains that the program, "WIN" involves his children (referring to his trainees) and he should be strict as he can, but if they are his children, he can be lenient as possible.

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He added that in the YG Family, it is not his role to just give complements but to also see what their mistakes are and make up for the things they lack with. He said that although in WIN they only have two groups battling, but in reality there are hundreds or even thousands of contenders. So he does whatever he can to be resilient before he sends them out.

The CEO also shared his beliefs about the training system in Korea.  He says the through the "WIN" program, shows how the training process in Korea is like and that it cannot be found in the US or UK what the Korean agencies training system is like because they do not practice harsh training.

Therefore, YG's CEO has been tough when it comes to his own trainees for them to stand out in the world of K-pop. Now we all know why there are groups such as BIGBANG and 2NE1, who have been continuously rising in around the globe, it is because their CEO treats them as a diamond, he will never stop until they are polished.

TagㆍYang Hyun SukYG Entertainment

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