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WINNER Gets to Spoof the Hit Drama 'The Heirs' on WINNER TV

'The Heirs' sure is a hit drama as parodies have been created and one of the spoof was from rookie group, WINNER

Feb 1, 2014 01:08 AM GMT
YG's Winner
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The boys of WINNER formed a hilarious parody of hit drama 'Heirs' for this week's episode of 'WINNER TV.' While Kang Seung Yoon got to be Kim Tan, Nam Tae Hyun became a pretty Eun Sang, Song Min Ho transformed into the alluring Young Do, Kim Jin Woo became the vicious Rachel, and Lee Seung Hoon played, well, everything else.

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A cameo appearance of Big Bang's Seungri, who plays the role of Yang Hyun Suk attempting to send Eun Sang away to another agency like JYP and Antenna Music.

Also, the members gave a surprise birthday party for Kang Seung Yoon after filming the pool scene for the spoof. Though they did not have time to buy presents, they managed to get a beautiful cake that was lit up while they sang happy birthday to the brightly smiling Kang Seung Yoon. The member of WINNER had turned 20 (21 in Korean age) on January 21.


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