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Sooyoung Reveals How She Maintains Her Figure and Her Thoughts on Being a Senior

On "1 vs 100" Sooyoung discussed how she maintains her model-like figure and how she feels being a senior in the industry.

Mar 19, 2014 09:57 AM GMT
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(Photo : KBS 2TV)

Girls Generation member Sooyoung recently appeared on KBS 2TV's "1 vs 100" on March 18 where she discussed how she maintains her model-like figure and how she feels being a senior in the industry.

Sooyoung was asked if she was naturally fit or if she had to work her butt off to attain her current physique. I think it's a bit of both.  I'm the type that doesn't gain weight when I eat, but I also work on maintaining it these days," Sooyoung shared.

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She continued "Before, I was very lucky because of my body's metabolism, but as I grew one year older, I realized I needed to be more active in maintaining it.  These days, I started exercising and am doing it consistently."  Sooyoung also went on to reveal that Yuri and Hyoyeon are the most active went it came to exercising.

Sooyoung shared, "Exercise is Yuri's life.  She's very knowledgeable about various types of exercise.  Hyoyeon recently entered a skiing competition and won.  Seeing as how the album was pushed back, she found a hobby.  However, she came in first place. She also told me not too long ago that she was going to be in another competition. The competition will be held today so she's probably in the middle of it right now."
With 8 years under their belt, Girls' Generation is already considered a senior group, so the singer was asked how she thinks of her seniority status.

She said, "It hits me when the junior artists come to our waiting room to greet us. Not too long ago, Ladies' Code came to greet us and they were really pretty.  In the past, we were the ones that used to go around with our CDs looking for the seniors, so I could feel that passage of time." 

TagㆍSooyoungYuriGirls GenerationHyoyeon
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