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MBLAQ Unveils Track List for "Broken"

After singing about "Our Relationship", MBLAQ has released the full track list for their upcoming mini album.

Mar 21, 2014 11:27 AM GMT
TAGㆍMBLAQWheesungduble sidekick
(Photo : J.Tune Camp)

After the boys of MBLAQ graced fans with their handsome charms through various teasers, plus a pre-release of the ballad "Our Relationship", MBLAQ has unveiled the official track list for their upcoming mini album "Broken".

As previously reported, the members actively participated in the entire album production process, and even lent their skills in writing and composing some of the tracks, such as the lead track, which was penned by Wheesung together with Mir.

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 For "Broken", the boys worked together with big names such as Wheesung, Duble Sidekic, Avengers, and more.

Check out the track list:

1. Broken (Intro) - [Thunder helped write]

2. Be a Man - [Mir helped write]

3. Our Relationship - [Mir helped write]

4. 12 months - [Mir & Thunder helped write, Thunder also helped compose]

5. Key

6. Because There are Two - [G.O & Mir helped write, G.O also helped compose]

7. Sill With You (Outro) - [G.O helped write and compose]

TagㆍMBLAQWheesungduble sidekick

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