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Crayon Pop Surprises the People with their Surprise Street Showcase!

The girls made people in awe as they appeared on the street causing a congestion in traffic On April 3, Crayon Pop had their surprise street showcase for their comeback, getting people's attention.

Apr 4, 2014 03:22 PM BST
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Crayon Pop
(Photo : Chrome Entertainment)

On April 3, Crayon Pop had their surprise street showcase for their comeback, getting people's attention. Since the girls opened their performance on the street in front of Myungdong Arts Theater, many had been surprised. Everyone stopped to see the show, even the people who were just passing by. The showcase had been renowned that the host had to temporarily hold the show to make the people realize their safety.

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At the showcase, Crayon Pop performed their new song “UH-HEE,” while also performing their former songs “Dancing Queen,” “Bing Bing,” and their hit song “Bar Bar Bar.” Not like their former promotions wherein the five girls wore motorcycle helmets, now, the girls had bright red handkerchiefs wrapped around their heads. Moreover, “UH-HEE” had a chicken dance in which the girls hopped on one leg.

Furthermore, Crayon Pop’s fellow label mates K-Much also performed, “Don’t Know Anything” and “What Should I Do.” Crayon Pop expressed their gratitude towards the attention as the group said, “Two years ago we were here in Myungdong holding signs and performing guerrilla concerts to try and promote our name, so this place is very special to us. It’s different than last time because it’s a new feeling to have so many people here to watch us. Thank you very much. We will continue on with the same heart we had when we debuted.”

Regarding why Crayon Pop’s showcase had taken place three times in three different locations, their agency replied, “Since their rookie days, Crayon Pop used to do guerrilla performances on the streets to try and promote their name. Thus, we believe that it’s important for Crayon Pop to personally go and let people know of their comeback, which is why we had multiple showcases.”

Crayon Pop just made their official comeback with “UH-HEE” on the April 3rd episode of Mnet‘s “M! Countdown.”

Tagㆍcrayon pop

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