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Perpetrator to Rumours Against YG Artists Has Been Caught

Perpetrator to rumours that involved YG artists is now under police custody and admits to his crime.

Sep 28, 2013 05:57 AM BST
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It seems like K-pop stars are no longer holding back in their fight against destructive and malicious rumours.

After LOEN Entertainment's initiative to penalise the perpetrator to IU's marriage and pregnancy rumours, YG Entertainment is now forcing legal measures against the man that fabricated false accusations against some of their artists.

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The perpetrator, Mr. Kim, has been caught and is now under police custody.

According to YG Entertainment, every time slanderous articles would come out targeting their talents and even the agency itself, YGE would take a massive blow on their stocks, not to mention the staff and artists would also become emotionally stressed out upon hearing the negative rumours.

"And thus we filed a complaint this past July to request an investigation. As a result, the Mapo Police Station managed to track down the IP address that led to Mr. Kim, the perpetrator behind the malicious rumours.

"Mr. Kim was so obtrusive with his malicious rumours that even the agency staff and fans knew his name. The uncountable amount of malicious comments continued repetitively, and become more malicious with time, causing harm to YGE and its artists."

It came to a point when the level of damage became severe, so the agency had to implement strict measures to defend their artist and representatives.

The Mapo Police Station in charge of the investigation got a confession from Mr. Kim after two months of investigation.

Mr. Kim admitted to having created the rumours. He released a letter of apology that also explained the reason behind his doings.

"When I first began to write malicious comments a few years ago, I was receiving a lot of stress due to personal issues so I wrote negative comments to relieve my anger," said Kim. He further explained that creating rumours became an addition for him, the same way some people got addicted to drinking and smoking. In his letter he also promised that he would not do such things again.

In recall, rumours about 2NE1's and G-Dragon's alleged marijuana usage surfaced in 2011. Due to the scandal, YGE reportedly lost 3 billion Korean Won in revenue.

The agency admitted that they have been lenient to rumours prior to these because commenters were usually teens. However, they announced that they will be more aggressive and will respond with legal action should another severely damaging and incorrect rumour arise.

TagㆍYG EntertainmentG-Dragon2NE1

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