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The 12th 'Korean Music Festival' Artists Gave Their Respect to the Victims of the Sewol Ferry

Artists and the audience gave their time to give respect in the recently held 'Korean Music Festival'

May 6, 2014 10:27 PM BST
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Korean Music Festival
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On May 3, the “12th Korean Music Festival,” also known as “KMF,” was held, giving not only songs of happiness but also songs to uplift the spirit of the people in line with the Sewol ferry tragedy.

The festival started in 2003, and since then was held every year. This year has not been an exception for the 20,000 people who joined this event. But, due to the incident that happened in Korea, the atmosphere was different compared to previous years where the event was extraordinary. The festival was given for a time to mourn while Korean celebrities started the event with a prayer.

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Then the legendary singers gave songs to calm the spirit. In the beginning of the second part of the festival, Yoon Bok Hee sang the classic hit song “Everyone,” which had touched the hearts of many in the audience. Having a solo classic guitar playing in the background, the singer sang her feelings out making the audience ask for an encore.

In the concert, In Soon Yi also made a moving performance. Prior to the concert, In Soon Yi prepared a yellow ribbon, and prayed that the missing people would be found. Before performing “A Goose’s Dream,” she told the audience, “It’s a time where the entire Korean community is in pain. Let’s overcome this and move forth together.” As she began singing, many of the older generations began to weep. To make the crowd feel lighter, In Soon Yi kept on touching the yellow ribbon that was on her chest and even requested the audience to sing together. She talked to the audience as instrumentals of songs like “Father” and “To My Daughter” were playing.

The festival run four 4 hours and a lot of singers like Ta’en, Ailee, Crayon Pop, Jung Dong Ha, Ulala Session, Shim Su Bong, Kim Jong Seo, EXO-M, 2AM, Dal Shabet, B1A4 and gave a wonderful performance..

TagㆍTa’enaileecrayon popJung Dong HaUlala SessionShim Su BongKim Jong SeoEXO-M2AMDal ShabetB1A4

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