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Super Junior's Shindong Tears Up as he Say Goodbye to his Radio Show!

Shindong says his final goodbye as he sign off as the DJ of "Shindon's Shim Shim Ta Pa"

Jul 7, 2014 09:28 PM BST
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(Photo : SM Entertainment)

Super Junior’s Shindong says goodbye from his radio show “Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa”  on July 6. Kara’s Park Gyuri and comedian Lee Gook Joo were his guests in his final broadcast.

Shindong, who is set to enlist in the miliray, expressed his regret for leaving the show. “It’s not because someone’s kicking me out or even that I want to leave, but I’m stepping down from this position due to mandatory service. However, it’s not a sad situation. All male citizens of South Korea go to the army to serve so I’ll hurry up and serve. I’ll come back to visit when I finish my duty.”

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He then teared up as he said, “I’m going to miss you.” He then continued, “My childhood dream was to make a ‘Shindong Show.’ The first step in realizing that dream was this radio program.”

Shindong added, “I’m very thankful for everyone who tuned in the past six years and three months. Even though I still lack in many ways, I got to learn a lot in radio. I’ll do my best to become a better MC and DJ.”

Jung Joon Young will be taking Shindong's place as the next radio DJ for “Shim Shim Ta Pa.”

TagㆍSuper Juniorshindong

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