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Jiyoung to Launch Acting Career In Japan, Might Overlap With KARA's Comeback Activities

Jiyoung is reportedly about to make her entry into the Japanese acting industry, but her schedule might overlap with KARA's promotional activities in Japan.

Jul 19, 2014 12:10 PM BST

In previous reports, KARA fans were baffled after rumors came out suggesting Jiyoung might commence an acting career in Japan. Although the singer's father gave an official statement saying nothing has been set in stone yet, and that Jiyoung hopes to go to that path after she has completed her studies in London, new reports now reveal that Jiyoung may be returning to the entertainment industry sooner than expected.

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On July 18, Sports DongA revealed that Jiyoung will begin her acting career in Japan this autumn, based on a tip by an entertainment source. The report also mentioned that Jiyoung has already signed a contract with a famous entertainment agency in Japan called Sweet Power, and that her plans for next have already been discussed as well.

Adding a spark of intrigue to the controversy, sources also revealed that Jiyoung's launch of her Japanese career might overlap with KARA's scheduled promotional activities in the country. The four-member girl group previously hinted that they will be heading to Japan this autumn, after they drop their new album this October. With this, it seems plausible that their activities will overlap. Fans are hoping to see Jiyoung reunite with KARA someway somehow, since it was revealed that Jiyoung is still in good terms with the remaining members even after she left the group.

in the meantime, KARA is set to release a new album in Korea sometime this August, together with the introduction of its new member Youngji. It was also reported that the group already wrapped up filming for their music video and recording for the title track. They are currently practicing for their stage performances and other promotional activities.


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