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Wonder Girl's Yenny Debuts As HA:TFELT, Shares Detail About Album

Wonder Girl’s member Yenny expressed her happiness and excitement as she nears her upcoming solo debut as HA:TFELT.

Jul 24, 2014 04:36 PM BST
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Wonder Girl’s member Yenny expressed her happiness and excitement as she nears her upcoming solo debut as HA:TFELT.

Yenny wrote a personal letter to fans, updating them about her current status and more details on her album.

She wrote,
“To all the Wonderful whom I love! It's Yenny ~^^

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I am able to greet you with good news in a long time today. Finally, HA:TFELT's first mini-album can come out into the world! ^^ The work that I showed on my Instagram recently were all for the HA:TFELT album! I wrote and composed all of the songs and arranged it with composer Lee Woo Min in New York ^^ Not only the recording of the songs, but the music video and jacket were all filmed in New York!

Since it's made in New York, the city where I received the most inspiration, I am very satisfied with the outcome.. I want to show it to you and let you listen to it as soon as possible...! ^^ Because it is an album which showcases my music, rather than using my name as Wonder Girls' Yenny, I thought it would be right to greet you with my pen name HA:TFELT.

I decided to promote with the name HA:TFELT and you're getting used to it, right? ^^
As much as it's safe to say that I put the pieces of my heart into each song, they are songs that I treasure and love a lot..

It won't have any of the songs that you're all familiar with and knew before! ('Smile' and 'You're In Me' are also not included!)

[The entire album] is filled with new songs. If you listen to the album from beginning to end, it will feel like you're watching a movie ^^

Lim and Beenzino participated in a featuring and Yubin unni participated in the music video as well as participated as a documentary director with me! (It would be really good to anticipate it!!)

It is an album that would be really good to look forward to and I wouldn't have any regrets about even if I die tomorrow...! I want to talk more in detail, but I believe that I will have more opportunities to do that in the future.

Everyone, you'll join me, right? ^^

See you soon!! I love you!”

Meanwhile Yenny's album will be out on July 30!

TagㆍWonder GirlsYenny

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