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EXO Tao Reportedly Injures Foot, Luhan Experiences Exhaustion Due to Heat

EXO members Tao and Luhan reportedly experienced to have been injured an ill in recent days. EXO's Tao recently contracted a foot injury while filming for SBS' "Laws of the Jungle in Solomon Islands".

Jul 28, 2014 07:12 PM BST
Luhan, Tao

EXO's Tao recently contracted a foot injury while filming for SBS' "Laws of the Jungle in Solomon Islands".


SM Entertainment released a statement explaining that Tao was stabbed on the right foot by the coral reefs while filming "Laws of the Jungle" on July 14. He was immediately given treatment on-site, and was then rushed to receive treatment at a hospital in Singapore and Changsha, China after filming. SM added, "Thankfully, there were no major injuries."

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Tao, despite his injury, kept his promise to fans and performed at EXO's concert "The Lost Planet in Changsha". Although he performed with the rest of the group, Tao evidently had to be excused from exerting to much force and effort on himself due to his injury.


Tao and the rest of EXO is scheduled to appear at an event in Beijing today, but Tao will have to sit out from the activity as he will be returning to Korea along with the members of EXO-K to have his injuries checked at a hospital in Korea.


But it wasn't only Tao who experienced impediments to his health. EXO's Luhan also experienced slight heat exhaustion due to the immense heat in Changsha. The singer had to step down from the stage during the concert. However, SM Entertainment assured fans that Luhan has recovered and that he will be able to attend the show in Beijing.


After wrapping up filming for "Laws of the Jungle", Tao took to Weibo to update fans on his condition, "I missed you all. Are you all well? It's been a while since I got to connect with you like this. The filming for 'Law of the Jungle' has finally ended. It's so frustrating to not be able to use my phone for five days. There's no internet and Weibo in Solomon. I'm sorry. Let's go together to Qingdao! I will reveal my face that hasn't been washed for four days and three nights, please don't hate me."


"Laws of the Jungles in Solomon Islands" will air its first episode next month.


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