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YG's Yang Hyun Suk and C-JeS' Baek Chang Joo Holds Meeting in Seoul; Netizens Speculate a Possible Merging Between the Companies

One two most powerful entertainment companies in Korea might follow suit with SM Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment and conduct their own merger.

Oct 8, 2013 08:50 AM BST
TAGㆍYG EntertainmentCJeS Entertainment

YG Entertainment's head honcho, Yang Hyun Suk, was seen having a meeting with C-Jes Entertainment's CEO Baek Chang Joo. Both were seen together somewhere in Seoul during the last week of September.

The said meeting attracted much attention not only from fans, but also from many people in the entertainment industry. It is suspected that the two industry giants might have had more on their agenda than just the casual get together between close friends.

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Because of the recent merging between SM Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment, and also with Cube and iHQ, there are speculations that YG and C-JeS might be in the talks for a merger.

YG is home to internationally-acclaimed idols such as Big Bang, 2NE1,PSY, and more. C-JeS boasts the equally famous JYJ and also their roster of influential actors such as Song Ji Hyo and Kang Hye Jung to name a few.

Certainly a team-up between the two companies could have big contract on the industry and end up with big results.

However, a representative denied speculations by saying that, "It was just a simple get together to share a meal... Please do not stretch the meaning so far. It was only a meeting to exchange greetings, nothing more or less."

TagㆍYG EntertainmentCJeS Entertainment

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