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Hairdresser Touched Hara's Breast on "Hello"

KARA member Gu Hara got that surprise of her life when she appeared on KBS 2TV's "Hello".

Aug 20, 2014 10:29 AM BST

KARA member Gu Hara got that surprise of her life when she appeared on KBS 2TV's "Hello".

During the August 18th broadcast of "Hello", KARA and SHINee's Taemin appeared as special guests.

As part of the show's format, the MCs read through a story about a hairdresser who serves customers differently according to his/her appearance. It was said that this hairdresser gives handsome and beautiful customers the best quality service, while he doesn't attend so much to customers who's looks are not that pleasing. What was more surprising is that this hairdresser even touches some of the female customers' breats!

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When the hairdresser appeared, the MCs were intrigued as to how the "good treatment" goes. To illustrate, the hairdresser selected KARA's Gu Hara as her pretend customer. As she started touching her body, the hairdresser started saying things as "Why did you put on something so short?"

Embarasseed, Gu Hara bent down, to which the hairdresser said, "Now, don't be shy." Overwhelmed by the hairdresser's antics, Gu Hara commented, "The customers would freak! I was so shocked even!" The hairdresser then explained, "When I keep talking to them casually, the customers don't notice that I'm already touching their breasts."

In the meantime, KARA has made their comeback with the brand new album "Day & Night", together with new member "Youngji". On August 18, KARA had their comeback showcase at SBS' Prism Tower where they performed tracks form "Day & Night".

In interview portion, it was revealed that Hara has been exercising a lot due to health reasons and to prepare for her comeback. New member Youngji also said that adjusting to fit in an already established group wasn't that hard and it she considered it a huge opportunity.

This is KARA's first official group activity since they experienced turmoil as a group early this year when former members Nicole and Jiyoung left the group.


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