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G-Dragon's Instagram Post Flames Up Controversy About Drugs

G-Dragon gets under fire with his Instagram post which netizens pertain to as drugs

Oct 2, 2014 11:02 PM BST
(Photo : YG Ent)
G-Dragon's Instagram Post
(Photo : Instagram)

BIGBANG's G-Dragon is now caught up in a controversy over his post recently which netizens perceive to be about drugs.

The said photo has been uploaded on October 1, which is a photo of a heart-shaped powder with a name "Molly" in the middle. In the United States, "Molly " is a slang word for a drug substance called MDMA. This is used for a drug called Ecstasy, which is quite popular in bars and clubs as it is being referred to as a "party drug."

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The said post was deleted however, netizens have reacted to this careless post of G-Dragon.

G-Dragon was caught in 2011 in Japan, while smoking "weed" or marijuana. According to the idol in an interview in an SBS program, he was so drunk that time that he took an offer to puff cigarette by someone he did not know. He though that it was a cigarette or cigar and was just being polite to the one who offered it to him.

Is the carelessness act of G-Dragon always the reason to him being caught in a controversy?

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