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"Fashion King" Director And Cast Praise Sulli's Performance in "Fashion King"

Sulli made her first public appearance in three months at the press conference for the upcoming movie adaptation of "Fashion King". T

Nov 2, 2014 04:47 AM GMT

Fans cheered on Sulli as she made her first public appearance in three months at the press conference for the upcoming movie adaptation of "Fashion King". The press conference was held on October 31 and was attended by the cast and director of "Fashion King". At the event, Sulli talked about her thoughts and experiences on the movie, as well as her character Eun Jin.

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According to Sulli, she easily relates to Eun Jin's character because they're both share similar personalities in real life. "The ugly side of Eun Jin's character is similar to how I am when I'm at home these days. There isn't much of a difference between [our personalities]," Sulli said.

As to how they're the same, Sulli said that it's how Eun Jin makes school her utmost priority and how she doesn't care so much about looks and fashion and other trivialities. "I did my very best to show the truth about Eun Jin's character. But I'm still doubtful as to how people will view my performance," Sulli reflected.

But despite her doubts, "Fashion King" director Oh Ki Hwan took pride in Sulli's performance in the movie and even praised her willingness to truly get into Eun Jin's character by drastically changing her physical looks. Sulli is naturally pretty so it must have been difficult to make her look like an ugly nerd. But according to Director Oh Ki Hwan, Sulli took it as her own responsibility to really look the part of the nerd that is Eun Jin---the girl who is not the prettiest in class but is the smartest of the bunch.

"In my past projects I was able to work with Korea's most beautiful women such as Lee Young Ae and Son Ye Jin. But when we started filming "Fashion King", I thought Sulli was the most beautiful [compared to the others]. I am honored that I was able to work with her," Director Oh Ki Hwan shared.

Sulli's male co-stars, Joo Won and Ahn Jae Hyun, also had nothing but praise for Sulli. Joo Won even said that even though Sulli was made to look ugly in the film, she still came out as pretty. "The makeup artists would mess up her hair more. There was even one scene on the field, and when I was viewing it I was surprised to see Sulli's look. I was shocked by how her [visuals] were [purposely] ruined," Joo Won narrated.

Catch Sulli's transformation in "Fashion King" as it hits cinemas this November 6.


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