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G-Dragon Reveals BIGBANG is Set to Return Next Year, Has No Comment on his Dating Controversy

G-Dragon talks about BIGBANG's comeback but has been silent when talked about Kiko Mizuhara G-Dragon have revealed that BIGBANG is set to comeback next year.

Nov 25, 2014 08:50 PM GMT
TAGㆍG-DragonGD x Taeyang
(Photo : YG Ent)

G-Dragon have revealed that BIGBANG is set to comeback next year. BIGBANG was said to be making their comeback this year however, was pushed back due to some change of plans by YG Entertainment, releasing collaboration project and the unit GD x Taeyang. G-Dragon says sorry to fans who have waited.

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G-Dragon said in the interview on November 25, "I think Big Bang will release an album next year... I think I've been saying this since last year and I continue to get bashed because I said it would happen but it didn't, so I can't say exactly when it will happen."

He added, "I am really preparing for it now... It might sound like an excuse, but even though I'm not the type to experience a creative block, honestly it doesn't come out as well as it used to. That is why I've been pondering more, and I want to greet you as soon as possible more than anyone else."

"I want to bring good music, but the good music is not totally completed and things keep getting pushed back, so if you wait a little longer, we will make up for it... Although it would be nice if we could greet you soon... I think this album will be an important album for us so we are working harder for it."

Also in the interview, reporters have asked about his dating controversy with Kiko Mizuhara. The idol then answered, "I don't have any comments to offer," then joked to the reporters, "Maybe I'll text you separately [about it]," as he laughed.

TagㆍG-DragonGD x Taeyang

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