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J.Y. Park Reveals The Official Name of the Group Name For "SIXTEEN" Finalists

It's going to be twice the charm and twice the talent. Everybody is growing more and more excited about JYP Entertainment and Mnet's upcoming survival program "SIXTEEN".

Apr 30, 2015 06:52 AM BST

Everybody is growing more and more excited about JYP Entertainment and Mnet's upcoming survival program "SIXTEEN". Much like YG Entertainment's "Mix & Match" and "Who Is Next" survival shows, "SIXTEEN" will also spawn a new idol group and J.Y. Park has revealed the official name of the girl group that will come out of it.

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J.Y. Park revealed that the new female group will be named TWICE. The name suggests that the team will put their audience in awe through two different outlets-that is through their visuals and their vocal/musical abilities.

To describe SIXTEEN, J.Y. Park said while they will have some of the colors of their seniors-miss A and Wonder Girls-theirs will be much more upgraded. "The group will showcase a more natural and friendly vibe. They will have a color different that of Wonder Girls and Miss A; theirs will be a more upgraded version of their seniors. The group has an edgy and wild image which culminates in a group with overflowing charisma," J.Y. Park said.

At the event it was also mentioned that the group will most likely have a better variety show presence due to their varied and bright personalities. Moreover, it was said that TWICE will be more into hip hop and rock.

The official line-up for "SIXTEEN" has already been released and the list of contenders boasts diverse skills, talents, nationalities, and visuals. The 16 girls are broken down in 2 categories: seven of the girls are already potential candidates for TWICE while the remaining 9 will have to do their best in order to take the positions already assumed by the "originals".

The show will premiere on May 5 at 11pm KST on Mnet. "SIXTEEN" will have a 10-episode run.

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