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What Will EXID Do With Their First Paycheck?

Solji and Hani prove that they are two of the sweetest daughters in the world.

May 7, 2015 01:00 PM BST

If you were an idol, what do you think you would you do with your first paycheck? Perhaps your answers might be similar with that of EXID's Hani and Solji who, together with the other members of the group, are excitedly looking forward to seeing their profits for the first time.

On the May 6 broadcast of "Weekly Idol" the members were asked, "What are you planning to buy once you receive your first salaries in your [bank] accounts?"

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Solji, like most other idols, is planning to give back to her parents. Solji thoughtfully said, "Honestly, I want to give it all to my mother. In the last ten years, I've never given my mother any money. I'm going to give [my first salary] to my mother."

Hani also shared the same sentiments with Solji as she shared that she's also planning to give her first paycheck to her mom and dad. She also said she wants to get new glasses because the temples on her current ones are already bent.

Aren't these two the sweetest daughters?

Also on the show, Solji revealed how she was once discourage from becoming an idol. "It was during the time when I was still a member of the ballad group 2NB. I was taking on two jobs because [aside from singing in the group] I was also a vocal coach. However, the section chief advised me, 'Solji, I don't think you're a good fit to be an idol,'" Solji said. Apparently, the section chief who gave Solji that comment said that at Solji's age she has to look like KARA's Gu Hara in order to become an idol.

It's a good thing Solji didn't take the discouragement to heart and continued to chase her dreams. A very inspired Solji shared, "I had a very tough mentality back then. After [hearing what the section chief said] I decided to work even harder."

That's the spirit, Solji!

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