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B.A.P Reportedly Looking At Signing A Contract With CJ E&M

B.A.P reportedly met with senior officials from CJ E&M to discuss their contract.

May 12, 2015 05:04 PM BST

Recent reports suggest that the members of B.A.P recently met with senior officials from CJ E&M's Music Performance Division presumably to discuss their potential future under the agency.

Music insiders dished out news that B.A.P and CJ E&M are currently discussing plans to have the idol group sign an exclusive contract with the said agency. While both parties still have not agreed to the terms of their contract, sources say chances are high that the group may continue promoting as a group under the management and guidance of CJ E&M.

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Meanwhile, B.A.P and TS Entertainment are still in a legal dispute after the boy group filed a contract nullification case against the agency. The members claim the TS Entertainment made them sign a slave contract, under which they were obliged to do a lot of activities while receiving only a measly sum of money for their salary. It was said that B.A.P only received $16,000 USD for the three years that they promoted under TS Entertainment. Throughout the group's run under TS Entertainment, B.A.P has released 18 singles and has staged several concerts.

B.A.P and TS Entertainment was supposed to enter formal court proceedings on March 16, but the date has since been postponed. B.A.P members filed their joint contract nullification case against TS Entertainment in November last year.

Since the group is technically still in contract with TS Entertainment, any move to transfer to other agencies will be very risky and they will have to go through careful measures so as to avoid any legal conflict with their current contract under TS entertainment. 

C&J is currently handling singers Davichi, Park Bo Ram, and Son Ho Young under theri music division.

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