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Heejun Han and Girls' Generation's Tiffany Talk About First Impressions and Relationships on Naver "Q&A" Special

What's the difference between a 'some' relationship and a 'dating' relationship? Heejun Han has the answer.

May 13, 2015 12:43 PM BST
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American Idol Alumna Heejun Han and Girls' Generation's Tiffany Hwang had a fun question and answer sesh for the Naver Special aptly titled "Q&A", which is also a namesake for their duet "QnA".

The duo started by giving their first impressions of one another. Heejun said he was surprised to see that Tiffany was actually very thin. He then added a compliment for the Girls' Generation member, "[She arrived] wearing two hairpins in her hair. Out of everyone I've seen wearing hairpins, she looked the prettiest."

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Tiffany smiled at this, and said in reply, "I didn't expect you'd say this. I should have been more cautious about how I looked when [I arrived during recording]. Since [I thought] we were only recording [a song], I was wearing comfortable shoes and just looked as is because I didn't expect we'd be filming."

Heejun and Tiffany then went into the topic of relationships. Heejun said he can identify what makes a 'some' relationship different from a 'dating' relationship. He gave more a specific giveaway, such as the fact while 'some' couples will just hold hands 'dating' couples noticeably have their fingers intertwined. "That's because a 'some' relationship is more concerned with liking how a person looks, while being in a 'dating' status means you like the other person for who they are inside. That's why they hold hands [more closely] like so," Heejun explained. Tiffany was impressed by Heejun's observation and analysis, and wondered if Heejun had prepared his answer beforehand. "No, it just came to me now. Usually, it's people who've never experienced dating that know these things well," Heejun quipped.  

Do you think Heejun and Tiffany's chemistry is engaging? "QnA" will be out on May 15.

TagㆍHeejun HanTiffanyGirls Generation

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