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Tablo Says He Also Wants Kang Hye Jung to Organize Surprise Events For Him

" Since I'm someone who likes organizing events, I also want one done for me."

May 13, 2015 01:29 PM BST
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tablo, kang hye jung

Tablo and Kang Hye Jung are one of the sweetest couples in the entertainment industry. This couple always makes us swoon over their sweetness and adorable moments. Recently on "Tablo's Dreaming Radio" on May 12, Tablo shared the special events he had prepared for his wife as an expression of his love.

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"I really like doing setting up events the same way I like having events prepared for me," Tablo shared, "I [surprised my wife] with different kinds of activities, but I always got busted in all of them. On Kang Hye Jung's birthday, I was outside the door, placing candles on her cake when she opened the door and saw me."

Tablo expressed his fondness of festivities and celebrations not just for Kang Hye Jung but also for other things and people. "Kang Hye Jung is probably tired [of my surprises] since I've prepared so many events in her honor. I want to have events planned for me as well. There are many things worthy of celebrations such as Epik High winning first place or my birthday. Since I'm someone who likes organizing events, I also want one done for me. I'm looking forward to a day when Kang Hye Jung might have an event in store for me, but she doesn't [like doing events] nor the people around us. I was even bummed out about this. Other people share this interest as well," Tablo said about his desire for throwing parties and events.

Aww! Isn't Tablo the ideal husband? 

TagㆍKang Hye JungTabloEpik High
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