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Hyunseung Says He Wants to People To Get To Know The Real Him Through His Solo Album

The 25-year-old singer hopes to break away from his usual BEAST and Trouble Maker image. BEAST's Hyunseung shared his goals for his solo debut in his interview with Asia Today.

May 14, 2015 01:45 PM BST
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BEAST's Hyunseung shared his goals for his solo debut in his interview with Asia Today. According to the 25-year-old singer among the things he hopes to accomplish is establish an individual image different from that of BEAST and Trouble Maker.

Hyunseung said that he wants people to get to know him more personally through his solo album and that he wants to prove that he's an appealing singer even without his co-members. "The main priority of this album is to show who Jang Hyunseung is. I worked hard for my solo album so that people will not get the impression that the album [is from] BEAST or Trouble Maker. I exerted an effort to show a more casual side of myself instead of one that's powerful," Hyunseung said. He also revealed that his album is filled with song people don't usually listen to, referring to himself as a "rebel" when it comes to his taste in music.

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Unlike Yoseob's album, it was revealed that BEAST's Junhyung, who's gaining popularity for his producing skills, did not participate in the creation of Hyunseung's album. "I wanted this album to show something different [from what people usually see in BEAST]. That's why I didn't get help from Junhyung. Firstly, I want the album to have a hip-hop and R&B foundation and contain songs you wouldn't usually hear from Cube Entertainment artists. I didn't want my album to sound like an extension of BEAST or Trouble Maker. With this in mind, I personally like my album," Hyunseung shared

To break away from the sexy image he is known for in his Trouble Maker promotions with 4minute's HyunA, Hyunseung even decided not to recruit female dancers to take part in his stage performances of "You're The First". Certainly, Hyunseung knows what he wants and he has accomplished it. 

TagㆍHyunseungBEASTB2STTrouble Maker

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