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Ulzzang Star Lee Jae Eum Shares Her Story of Dating an Idol For 7 Months

"He wouldn't even tell me his schedule. I was getting lonely, and whined a lot."

May 16, 2015 02:59 PM BST
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lee jae eum
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Have you ever thought what it would be like to date an idol? On the May 15 broadcast of JTBC's "Witch Hunt", ulzzang star Lee Jae Eun narrated her story about dating a male idol. And as if it were a chapter in a fanfiction, Lee Jae Eum's story involves the expected: the lovey dovey getting-to-know-you stage which later leads to arguing over hectic schedules.

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Although Lee Jae Eun kept the identity of her ex-boyfriend, she revealed that his name is recognizable and that he's part of a visual male idol group with good vocals. "You'd think it would be difficult to date a popular person, but people weren't able to recognize him as you'd expect. We dated for seven months and called it quits about a month and a half ago," Lee Jae Eun shared.

Their first date was like any other-they talked about various things, watched movies, and even had dates by the Han River. Unfortunately for the couple, the male idol's schedule got in the way of dates and they couldn't meet often. "I was lonely so I would whine a lot. It caused our break up," the ulzzang star added that they had broken up about 3-4 four times before finally calling it quits.

In relation to this, Lee Jae Eun revealed a Kakaotalk message from the idol, in which he said, "If you're lonely then we should stop what we're doing. I am doing my best for you, but have you ever thanked me for it? Despite my schedule, I still gave you my time and I invested money [in this relationship], so I don't understand why [you're whining]. It's getting tiresome. I can only do so much, so if you're aching for more then you should find another guy. Of all the girls I've dated, you're the one I treated best. But you're also the first one to say you're 'lonely'."

More Kakaotalk message between the former couple were revealed. At one instance, the male idol said he changed his schedule to make time for Lee Jae Eun. Perhaps suspicious, Lee Jae Eun said bluntly, "Are you planning to see me because you want to sleep with me?" to which the idol replied, "Do you think I'm missing out on something that I would want to meet you because of that? If I wanted to sleep with someone, I could do that with lots of other women."

What do you think about this relationship between an idol and a non-idol?

TagㆍWitch Hunt
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