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Hyunseung Reveals Why He Chose Not to Write/Produce His Own Songs for His Solo Album

Despite all that he's accomplished, Hyunseung still stays grounded and humble.

May 16, 2015 03:04 PM BST

BEAST's Jang Hyunseung recently sat down for an interview with eNews World in which he spoke more personally about his recent solo debut and his efforts to reach out more to his fans with an honest image of himself.

"I worked really hard on this album," the singer started, talking about his first ever solo release "You're Not the First".

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Quite surprisingly, despite having branched out of BEAST to form a duo unit with HyunA (Trouble Maker) which was then followed by a solo album of his own, Hyunseung still thought of himself as someone who isn't "star material". While his admirers can vouch that he has the looks, charisma, and talent to brand him as "star material", Hyunseung revealed that he is not as aggressive as the other singers and tends to be shy.

"I'm not so much of a talker. I enjoy being lonely," the singer said, "I'm here because I got lucky. It's a good thing I'm the type of person who gets excited to showcase my talent on stage. That's how I've survived."

Hyunseung showed himself to be a humble lad. Although he could go all with his solo album and write or produce music of his own, he chose not to. Why? He explains, "It's a good thing to be able to show my musical abilities and earn royalties. While I do write songs and create melodies, I wonder if I should [write and produce the songs] by myself when my abilities still fall short in comparison to those of professionals. Instead of being greedy, I wanted to have a near-perfect album."

Hyunseung also talked about the apparent sexiness he always exudes whether he's with BEAST, Trouble Maker, or by himself. However, he reveals that his true side isn't insanely sexy. "Nevertheless, I'm thankful that people are commenting that I'm sexy," Hyunseung said.

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[Source: Mwave]

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