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Taecyeon Develops Huge Crush On Park Shin Hye in "Three Meals a Day"

Taecyeon wants Park Shin Hye to be a regular on the show.

May 24, 2015 04:20 PM BST
TAGㆍPark Shin HyeTaecyeon2PM
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(Photo : tvN)

2PM's Taecyeon has come to the realization that Park Shin Hye might be his ideal type. Earth to Taecyeon: Park Shin Hye is almost everybody's ideal type. "The Heirs" star was the first guest in the new season of tvN's "Three Meals a Day". As expected, Taecyeon immediately had himself head over heels with the beauty upon her arrival at the house.

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When Park Shin Hye arrived at the location, Taecyeon was evidently the happiest guy on the planet after seeing her. He even did his best to impress Park Shin Hye by way of dancing, braving cold water walking barefoot, and offering to carry her luggage. Since Taecyeon's sudden overly joyous behavior seemed so new, Lee Soo Jin commented, "You're like a crazy person... You seem like you're in an even better mood than the usual."

Come interview time, Taecyeon bared all and had nothing but sweet words for Park Shin Hye. "I like her," the singer said, "I think she's a good person. She cooks well. She's very friendly." When the production crew pointed out that he seems like his listing the qualities he's looking for in a woman, Taecyeon took note of that and agreed. "Something like that," he said.

Taecyeon even gushed about Park Shin Hye in a conversation with his mother on the phone, during which Taecyeon said, "I somehow got involved in a love line... Park Shin Hye did so well. We really want her to be a regular on the show."

Looks like Park Shin Hye is the girl Taecyeon wants to take home to his momma.

TagㆍPark Shin HyeTaecyeon2PM
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