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1989 Line Heejun, Tiffany, and Sunny Have a Funny Conversation About Their Closeness

While Heejun described Tiffany as approachable, Sunny came off as rather cold. Heejun Han and Girls' Generation's Tiffany guested on MBC's "Sunny's FM Date" to promote their new duet track "QnA".

May 27, 2015 03:15 PM BST
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Heejun Han and Girls' Generation's Tiffany guested on MBC's "Sunny's FM Date" to promote their new duet track "QnA". Being in the companion of two beautiful ladies Heejun shared his personal insights on the two Girls' Generation members in his life right now.

Heejun revealed that she once starred as a fixed guest on Sunny's radio program, but it was difficult to become close to the idol at first. "I tried to become close with her, but it was difficult. She's this type of person that draws a line [between friendship and professionalism]. Meanwhile, I initially thought Tiffany was the cold one, but she surprisingly she was the exact opposite," Heejun said.

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Tiffany also jumped in an agreed that Sunny can sometimes be quite uptight when it comes to her private life. "Sunny clearly distinguishes her public life from her private life. Perhaps that's why she survived being a DJ for so long," Tiffany said. In her defense, Sunny retorted, "I'm not that cold! Don't misunderstand me."

Sunny, contradicting Heejun's statement that she was a cold person, said that she's enjoying her conversation with Tiffany and Heejun. Sunny said. "We're all born in 1989 so I find this set-up very comfortable. The atmosphere in the studio is very good." Tiffany picked up on this and noted that while Heejun uses informal language with her to denote that they're already comfortable with each other, Heejun is still using formal language with Sunny.

"I still feel a bit awkward around Sunny," Heejun explained, "Sunny, to me, is like a Sunbae while Tiffany is like a Korean-American friend." Both Tiffany and Heejun were raised in the United States before heading to South Korea to fulfill their singing careers. Perhaps this similarity could also explain why they easily clicked together!

How are you enjoying Heejun and Tiffany's "QnA" song?

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