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"Reply 1988" Producers Defend Hyeri Amidst Casting Protests

"We chose because we believe she will surpass all expectations."

Jun 3, 2015 04:18 PM BST
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Girl's Day's Hyeri received mix reactions towards her confirmed casting in the highly-anticipated "Reply 1998" drama series. Unfortunately, majority of those reactions leaned on the negative.

Complaints against Hyeri's casting in the upcoming "Reply" series continue to pour in. A lot of the sentiments come from die-hard "Reply" followers that firmly contend that Hyeri's lack of acting experience may cause the high-rating drama to spiral down in terms of ratings and overall performance.

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The producers of "Reply 1988", however, stand by Hyeri and came to defend her amidst the outpour of protests against her casting. On June 1 a representative of the drama series said, "We chose Hyeri because we believe she fit the role best and we believe she will surpass all expectations. The female leads in the previous "Reply" series-Go Ara and Eunji [of APink]-- also fared through complaints when their castings were revealed to the public. They proved the critics wrong and beat them with their acting skills. Hyeri will also do the same and turn this negativity into something positive."

Hyeri, prior to her official casting, was a prospective candidate for the female lead. When the cast list was announced, the Girl's Day member said with much enthusiasm, "Even though I'm lacking and there's so much I still need to learn, I want to thank you for giving me the chance to take part. After hearing the news, I was shaken and I felt nervous, but at the same time I want to do so well so that I wouldn't be overshadowed in this production."

In the meantime, Hyeri is focusing on the job and doing her best to at least meet expectations. She's reportedly studying previous "Reply" characters and constantly discussing with the producer about how she should portrayed her role. 

TagㆍGirl's DayHyeri
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