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ZE:A Heechul's Instagram Post Draw More Attention to Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun's Dating Scandal

ZE:A’s Heechul playfully poked fun at the controversy on Instagram.

Jun 7, 2015 04:17 PM BST
TAGㆍZE:AHeechulDongjunJung Jae Eun
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Last week, ZE:A’s Dongjun was swept up in dating rumors with musical actress Jung Jae Eun. Although both camps have denied the allegations, ZE:A’s Heechul playfully poked fun at the controversy on Instagram.

Heechul posted a photo on his Instagram on June 3rd with the caption “##”. This post is in relation to the “double hashtag” code Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun reportedly used in their Instagram accounts. Because the post generated more bad than good comments, Heechul was forced to delete the photo.

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The “##” stems from Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun’s rumored online code for one another. The dating rumors started when fans began to notice a common denominator in both Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun’s Instagram accounts, and that is the frequent appearance of “##” on their posts. The double hashtag is supposedly a secret code between Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun which has led fans to believe that they may be in a romantic relationship. Because the rumors stemmed from something they posted on Instagram, the two stars have reportedly set their accounts to private.

Aside from the hashtag theory, an insider also claimed that Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun got closer through their musical “All Shook Up”, during which Jung Jae Eun apparently gave advice to Dongjun as his senior.

Both Dongjun’s and Jung Jae Eun’s camps have since denied the rumors saying the two are just close friends with a sunbae-hoobae relationship. Furthermore, Dongjun and Jung Jae Eun also attend the same church, which also explains their close relationship.

TagㆍZE:AHeechulDongjunJung Jae Eun
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