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Super Junior Get Flustered At Question About Controversies Involving Younger SM Entertainment Artists

"If EXO comes out, ask them. Let's talk about us [this time]!"

Jul 19, 2015 08:46 PM BST
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Super Junior has been in the industry for 10 years now so it's safe to say these boys have the authority to share their thoughts on the usual serving of idol-related controversies, particularly those involving their juniors.  During Super Junior's guest appearance on "Radio Star" the show's MCs couldn't help but ask the members of the younger idol groups in SM Entertainment.

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As expected, Kim Gu Ra talked about f(x)'s Sulli who's currently rumored to be leaving the agency. The singer-actress' close friend Heechul commented bitingly, "I left 'Ssul Jeon' so that I wouldn't have to talk about Sulli, but now you're bring it up here," referring to her previous program 'Ssul Jeon' in which she revealed a lot of surprising information about SM Entertainment and its artists.

Heechul nevertheless confirmed the rumors about him unfollowing Sulli on SNS. The singer explained that he didn't intentionally unfollow Sulli but rather that their accounts got hacked, and even when he was still in the process of following people again one by one news about him unfollowing Sulli already surfaced.

When asked how Sulli and Choiza are doing, Heechul forwarded the question to Dynamic Duo's Gaeko.

The MC's also brought up rumors about Donghae choosing EXO's Sehun over Kyuhyun. "There were rumors saying Donghae said if he could change some of the members he would trade Kyuhyun for EXO's Sehun," MC Yoon Jong Shin said. Kyuhyun got up from his chair and jokingly said to Donghae, "Do you change family members that easily just because you like someone from another family?" to which Donghae hilariously denied.

When the MC's asked another question about EXO, Heechul protested, "Ask EXO when they [become guests]. [In the meantime] let's talk about us!" 

TagㆍSuper Junior
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