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T-ara Fans Disappointed At Group's Aloofness During "Idol Star Athletics Championship"

Some fan sites have decided to take a break after the incidnet.

Aug 11, 2015 04:40 AM BST
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Female idol group T-ara was slammed for the way they treated their fans during the "Idol Star Athletics Championship" on August 10.  

The "Idol Star Athletics Championship" has become, time and time and again, a great venue for fans to cheer on their fans as they compete for various sporting events. However, some of the QUEENS who were present at the event were dismayed at how little attention they received from T-ara members.

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A fan shared, "[T-ara acted different] compared to the other idols at 'ISAC'. When fans called T-ara, none of the members turned to face the fans-not once. They only sat in their seats and their faces were blank."

Another fan said, "We arrived at dawn and stayed up all night and struggled through that with all our mental strength just to see the girls' faces. But the members weren't even there during the closing ceremony," expressing her disappointment.

Finally, one fan shared with the laments of the others and said, "It's not like we're expecting grandiose gestures such as receiving lunches from them or being greeted to and having pictures to just like what the other idols did. I just wished that, in the very least, they would've pretended like they cared and appreciated their fans.

Because of T-ara's aloofness towards their fans at the event, some fan sites have been announced that they will be taking a break, with one fan site specifically stating, "I don't think fans are [fools]," perhaps referring to idea that fans who run fan sites are not fools who can be easily taken advantage of. 

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