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Jungle soothes Chanyeol's anger in ""Laws of the Jungle"

EXO's Chanyeol is the usual adorable kid that he is in last week's episode of SBS' "Laws of the Jungle".

Sep 7, 2015 08:57 PM BST
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EXO's Chanyeol is the usual adorable kid that he is in last week's episode of SBS' "Laws of the Jungle". During the episode, the cast members had a casual discussion and in which Chanyeol shared his thoughts about the show.

Chanyeol warmed hearts when he said, "I'm happy that we achieved good results after working hard together on this last day." In response to his statement, the production crew jokingly quipped, "Are you angry right now?" to which the singer replied, "[My] anger has reached its top point, but it seems that the jungle has cured it." Looks like the jungle has managed to free Chanyeol of some of his stress lately.

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Lee Tae Gon also had the same heartfelt feelings about his experience in the jungle, "If I were to describe in one word what the jungle is like to me, I'd [pick the word] gratitude." She explained that she's always been used to living in comfort, but having been put in the jungle situation expanded her perspective of life.

The upcoming season of "Laws of the Jungle", which will be held in Nicaragua, is also starting to heat up. The production crew has released a new teaser video with the new cast. The "Nicaragua" cast consists of a diverse list of personalities including idols such as EXID's Hani, GOT7's Jackson, VIXX's N, and Girl's Day's Minah, and athletes such as basketball player Hyun Joo Yeop, martial artist Kim Dong Hyun, and soccer player Cho Han Sun.

"Laws of the Jungle: Nicaragua" will start airing on September 11.


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