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Yunho Made His Dream Come True With His "85th Street" Party

Yunho recently prepared an unforgettable party for his "85th Street" friends and is featured in the December issue of "The Celebrity" magazine.

Nov 19, 2013 06:12 AM GMT

You might be well familiar with the early Christmas party Yunho threw for his "85th street" friends last week. Today, Fashion lifestyle magazine "The Celebrity" takes us behind the scenes of the party the singer so meticulously prepared for.

"The Celebrity" recently did a story on TVXQ in celebration of the group's 10th anniversary since their official debut. The feature, which will be part of the magazine's December issue, will show readers that other side of Yunho-the Yunho that's beneath the charismatic and talented singer of TVXQ.

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Aside from an in-depth interview with the singer, "The Celebrity" even did a personality test on Yunho and suggested that he should try his hands at organizing his own party.

The singer, psyched about the idea, thought about hosting a party with his "85th street" friends. The magazine team immediately sent in party experts, chefs, and bartenders to assist Yunho with conceptualizing his party.

After giving it some though, Yunho finally went with a prom-themed party. He planned for the invitations, presents, foods, party songs, and games-all of which were very much enjoyed by his friends.

On the day of the party, Yunho shared, "I have always dreamt of planning for my own party, and have a great time with my friends. The collaboration with the staff for the December issue of 'The Celebrity' has helped me realize my dream, and I think this will be something that I will never forget."


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