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2NE1 Comes Up with New Photo Teasers Hours Before the Official Release of their New Music Video

The YG girl group releases new photos hours before they release the video of "Missing You."

Nov 20, 2013 10:48 AM GMT

2NE1 has showed new teasers of their photos a few hours just before the full video release on the midnight of November 21. The new photos are different from the audio teasers wherein the members looked mysterious for the song "Missing You."  It still has the melancholy and snowy mood but the venue seems to be inside.

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In an interview of the media group, Osen made an interview on November 19, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk had explained 2NE1's song as a sentimental story. He said, "This is a strange song. It has the refined finish of a pop song, however it also has an odd quality. I didn't intend to make a sensitive song, but tears flow automatically while listening to the song."

The CEO was not the only one who cried because of the song but it was said that his wife also teared-up. He stated, "While recording this song, I was crying so much that I wasn't making much progress. I thought that was weird, so I played it for my wife and she immediately started to cry. I'm very curious to see the public's reaction."


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