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Park Shin Hye Settles The Score Between Kim Tan Vs Young Do

She can't have both guys, can she? Park Shin Hye was asked to choose between Kim Tan and Young Do during a recent broadcast of "Super Junior's Kiss The Radio".

Dec 1, 2013 05:24 AM GMT
TAGㆍthe heirsPark Shin HyeLee HongkiChoi Jong HoonRYEOWOOKLee MinhoKim Woo Bin

If you were to choose between to equally gorgeous lads such as Lee Minho and Kim Woo Bin you'd be having a hard time as Park Shin Hye in "The Heirs". The show's leading lady recently had a phone interview on "Super Junior's Kiss The Radio" wherein she settled the deal once and for all.

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On November 29, F.T. Island member Choi Jong Hoon gave Park Shin Hye a call and got her to play the speed quiz game.

Lee Hongki, who starred alongside Park Shin Hye in "You're Beautiful" even commented, "I'm really enjoying 'The Heirs' nowadays,"  to which Park Shin Hye replied, "Our drama is doing even better because of Lee Hong Ki's song on our soundtrack. I'm really loving F.T Island's new music."

Ryeowook also chimed in and said he's been watching "The Heirs" with Super Junior co-member Kim Heechul, who also did a cameo role in the series. And much like the rest of the world that's been watching "The Heirs" Ryeowook expressed his curiosity as to whom would Park Shin Hye pick between Young Do (Kim Woo Bin) and Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho).

Park Shin Hye answered, "In the drama, I have tried hard to avoid both Tan and Young Do. So if Eun Sang reveals who she likes better over the radio, it's going to mean a lot of trouble."

Ryeowook changed the question a bit and asked, "Then how about Hong Ki versus Jong Hoon". Park Shin Hye laughingly replied, "It's almost as if you're asking me which one of my parents is better. I used to be close to Lee Hong Ki, but he hasn't contacted me in a while so I'm mad."

As Park Shin Hye said her farewell to the show, she also expressed, "There are only a few episodes of "The Heirs" left. I hope you all continue to support the drama until the finale."

Tagㆍthe heirsPark Shin HyeLee HongkiChoi Jong HoonRYEOWOOKLee MinhoKim Woo Bin

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