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VIP Tickets To U-KISS' US Tour Sells Out In 30 Seconds

U-KISS is becoming bigger stars abroad as is shown by the overwhelmingly rapid ticket sales for the group's US Tour, which got sold out in as fast as 30 seconds.

Dec 10, 2013 06:14 PM GMT

U-KISS now earns a spot amongst record breakers as the VIP ticket sales for their first US tour got sold out in just 30 seconds!

The male idol group will be heading to the United States on January next year for their first ever tour, which will take the boys to New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles .

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DSP Media revealed, "We started accepted pre-orders for VIP tickets on December 2 (US time). Immediately after, 10,000 fans flooded the website for a chance to purchase one of the 150 available VIP tickets. Because of this, the website's servers momentarily crashed. VIP tickets for San Francisco and Los Angeles got sold out in 30 seconds, while New York ticket sales took 8 minutes to become sold out. Many fans logged into the site to purchase normal-priced tickets, but the numbers were staggering and thus the servers crashed of overload."

Earlier this year, U-KISS has already visited Peru, Columbia, and Mexico. Fans are expecting a lot on the US tour thus the group will add more effort to put on an amazing show everyone will surely enjoy.

U-KISS will be on New York on January 9, San Francisco on January 11, and Los Angeles on January 14.

After this, the group plans to proceed to South America, Europe, and other parts of Asia as part of their plan to expand their fan base and ultimately become to faces of the global Korean wave.

In the meantime, the boys of U-KISS are in Japan to promote their 7th single while preparing for their Christmas specials this month.


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