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SM Entertainment Hailed as the Most Successful Agency for 2013, Outrunning YG Entertainment!

People from the entertainment industry have picked SM Entertainment to be the most successful label this year. How did YG and JYP Entertainment do?

Dec 13, 2013 03:55 AM GMT
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SM Entertainment

Music experts have chosen SM Entertainment to be the best agency this 2013.

A total of 35 music insiders including entertainment agency executives, music producers, composers, critics, and PDs joined the Star News survey entitled, "Most Successful Agency of 2013", having 18 out of 35 experts picked SM Entertainment. Meanwhile, YG Entertainment got 6 votes placing in at second. Starship Entertainment and Mystic89 were also prominent for their sudden rise to success this year.

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Well-known music critic Seo Jung Min said, "In SM, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and all of its groups achieved success in different ways... SM showcased their solid system." Composer Jo Myung Soo also couldn't leave out the name that has dominated K-pop this year, EXO, mentioning, "SM maintained their original artists as well as gave birth to EXO who has a massive fandom and popular appeal." Music critic Kang Tae Kyu also stated, "The planning of SHINee and EXO's contents are impressive... Through a hit song, they achieved an extended fandom and remarkable album sales."

While, Universal Music Korea CEO Yang Bum Jun also acclaimed runner-up YG Entertainment and its artists, "YG has already secured popular appeal and now its artists are free to pursue the music they want to do... G-Dragon has especially grabbed a spot as a superstar incomparable to other artists while Taeyang seems to have secured a clear position as a musician." Happy Tribe Entertainment CEO Jung Hae Ik mentioned, "YG released various hit songs this year including those of Psy, G-Dragon, and Taeyang", accrediting the Psy phenomenon and the influence of trouper group BIGBANG for the success of the agency this year.

Though not one of the so-called 'Big 3', Starship Entertainment and Mystic89 built a name for themselves this year. SBS PD Bae Sung Woo said, "Through Starship Entertainment's planning ability and skill, SISTAR and K.Will have risen to the top." JTBC PD Yeo Woon Hyuk stated, "Mystic89 artists are active in variety shows and Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim) has made a solid debut. Yoon Jong Shin also showcased his unfailing passion for music."

Tagㆍsm entertainmentYG EntertainmentMystic89STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT

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