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Sexy Wardrobe Malfunctions of K-pop Female Idols

Recently, male idols were shown experiencing outfit malfunctions. Let us now see who among the K-pop female idols have been a victim of their own wardrobe

Dec 28, 2013 01:46 AM GMT
TAGㆍSooyoungyoonaYounhaji hyun
K-Pop Females and Their Wardrobe Malfunctions

K-pop stars always have their own stylists who  take care of their wardrobes in every appearance they make whether it may be on live TV broadcast or it may be on music videos.

However, what if their own wardrobe turns their back on them and suddenly malfunctions?

Check out whom among the female K-pop stars have experienced a malfunction in their outfits:

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TagㆍSooyoungyoonaYounhaji hyun

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