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Stellar Opens Up About Their Sexy Concept, Modifies Choreography For Broadcast

Stellar talks about their sexy concept with "Marionette" and how they didn't expect they would receive such reaction.

Feb 15, 2014 08:12 AM GMT
(Photo : Top Class Entertainment)

Four-member girl group Stellar recently made their comeback with the sexy track "Marionette". The song and music video has been gaining a lot of attention since, due to its provocative concept and excessive sexual imagery.

In an interview with Star News on February 14, Stellar opened up about the issue and said, "We are coming out with a completely different image compared to the songs we released in the past. While it has become a bigger issue that we expected, it led to us getting more recognition. We think this opens an opportunity for us to even do better. We plan to pursue our activities well."

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"We didn't try to be erotic. We only wanted to prove to people that we not only have a "little sister" image but we also have mature charms. We wanted to show off our assets-our 170 cm height, tall legs and arms. We wanted to highlight our physical features but it turned out it got received in a negative perspective. We didn't intend for that to happen, so it makes us sad."

"We think this is the beginning and we will work harder to approach the public... Not only the title track but our follow-up tracks are very good as well and we will do our best to raise awareness of our songs, so please show a lot of love... Stellar has a lot of different images so we will show them as we promote."

Due to the comments they've been receiving, Stellar and their agency have modified the choreography and the members are now wearing a darker pantyhose so as not to be too revealing for public broadcast. The music programs have also announced that they will do their best to cater to the group and the viewing public and tone down the sexiness a bit by dimming the lights and choosing proper camera angles.


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