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Taeyeon: "Even When We're Old, I Want Us To Remain As Girls Generation"

Taeyeon opened up about her love for Girls' Generation and singing, and revealed a brief detail about the group's comeback.

Feb 18, 2014 03:36 PM GMT
TAGㆍTaeyeonGirls GenerationKim JonghyunSHINee
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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon was recently a guest on the MBC radio show "Blue Night", hosted by SHINee member Jonghyun.

On the show, the Girls' Generation leader opened up about her two great loves: Girls' Generation and singing.

She revealed, "I was born as [part of] Girls' Generation, and thus I  want to remain as [part of] Girls' Generation until the very end. All the members are very protective of each other. Even if we reach the point where we'll no longer be able to dance in high heels because of old age, I want us to remain us Girls' Generation. I want to protect all nine of us."

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Jonghyun replied, "While promoting together as a group, you must have had some plan to do a solo project in able to show your unique musicality."

Taeyeon answered, "People who are into singing probably think that everyone has the same thoughts on this one. There's a feeling of emptiness, like you're starving for more. I used to think like that. But it's a good thing that we're getting chances to show own our colours. Since Girls Generation is a large group, our goal is to show many different things in different areas."

When Jonghyun asked, "Girls' Generation is usually very busy. But when they are not promoting an album and are on break, what are the members up to?"

Taeyeon shared, "During breaks, we usually stay at home and watch a lot of stuff on YouTube. We watch a lot of live videos and even bake cupcakes like the once I gave you as a present today."

As for Girls' Generation's upcoming album, Taeyeon revealed, "You can explain it in two ways: mystery and plot twists."

Certainly, that little bit of info has got fans really excited! Stay tuned for further details regarding Girls' Generation's much-awaited comeback.

TagㆍTaeyeonGirls GenerationKim JonghyunSHINee

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