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Mr. Mr's Agency Speaks Up About Hon's Sexual Involvement With A Transgender

A transgender woman recently accused Hon of having sexual relationship with her and using up all her resources before leaving her.

Feb 18, 2014 03:49 PM GMT
(Photo : Winning Insight)

A few days ago, the Mr. Mr. fan base was shocked by reports saying a transgendered woman was suspected to have been in a sexual relationship with Hon.

According to the reports, a transgendered woman criticised a male idol on Facebook for ditching her after he made use of her resources. The woman further said that the male idol she's referring to is a member of an idol group that debuted in November, leading fans to speculate this idol's identity.

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However, one of the wild guesses was Mr. Mr. member Hon. Following the rumours, Winning Insight, the group's agency, stood up to clear the singer of any involvement in the issue.

"The transgender woman's posting has nothing to do with Mr. Mr's Hon. These claims are baseless. We checked and confirmed the matter, and found out that "A" and Hon were friends that exchanged advises to one another even before "A" became a transgender. There was a time when they helped each other with their finances, but they are certainly not more than friends."

"A's claims that they are more than friends, living together, that she introduced Hon to a host bar for work, and had sexual intercourse which was filmed is completely false. Due to this controversy, Hon is having a difficult time due to the shock and hurt he received from a friend whom he had trusted. We are preparing for legal actions against A on grounds of defamation." 


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