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Mr. Mr.'s Hon Leaves Group After Controversy With Transgender Woman

Hon will leave the group after being embroiled in a sexual-related controversy with a friend from the past.

Feb 24, 2014 07:59 AM GMT
(Photo : Winning Insight)

After the nasty controversy that publicised Mr. Mr. member Hon's alleged sexual relationship with an unnamed transgender, the singer has decided to make his exit from the group.

On February 24, Hon wrote, "I'm sorry because I think I disappointed a lot of people and I made them worry. 'A', who wrote the controversial post, was a friend of mine and we go way back. However, I would like to clarify that the certain things she wrote in the post-such as the one where I worked at a host bar, had financial troubles, recorded a video, and dated 'A'-are all false."

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He continued, "After A wrote that post while she was drunk, she checked it again a few hours later and only then did she realize her mistake. Since she wrote it in a private account, I didn't expect there would be any problems. I told her not to think about it, and hung up. I don't want to sue an old friend. If the writings are true, I'd be embarrassed, but I didn't live my life like that. Because of all this, Mr. Mr.'s image has been damaged. Hence, I have decided to leave the group."

Mr. Mr.'s label also commented on the issue, saying, "The label and the members of Mr. Mr, have decided to respect Hon's decision. However, we will continue to support and encourage Hon so that he can start anew. We're sincerely sorry for making fans worry. Please support Hon and Mr. Mr. following this difficult situation."

In recall, a transgender woman made damaging accusations against Mr. Mr's Hon. Through a drunk post online, 'A' said she and Hon engaged in a sexual relationship while living together before Hon even debuted with Mr. Mr. Winning Insight denied such accusations, but confirmed Hon's friendship with the transgender. The woman has since then apologised and said her writings were false.


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