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Leeteuk's Sister, Park In Young, Opens Up About Losing His Father and Grandparets

Park In Young finally opened up about the tragic death of her family members in January this year. Leeteuk's older sister, actress Park In Young, finally opened up about her family's tragic loss in January.

Feb 25, 2014 07:58 AM GMT
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Park In Youngng
(Photo : KpopStarz)

Leeteuk's older sister, actress Park In Young, finally opened up about her family's tragic loss in January.

Park In Young, along with the rest of her family, most remained quiet and private at the time they mourned the untimely death of their father and grandparents back in January. However, in a recent interview with "Star News Live", the budding theatre actress finally expressed her feelings and thoughts about the incident.

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Park In Young said, "I'd be doing nothing and suddenly I'd feel sad. Sometimes when I read a book, I'd suddenly start crying. Both my grandparents were suffering from dementia and my father must have gone through a really tough time. I was concentrating too much on my own work and growth as an actress, so I wasn't able to help out much.

She added, "I miss my father and grandparents so much."

Both Park In Young and Leeteuk were severely affected by the death of their beloved family members. To comment in Leeteuk's behalf, Park In Young said, "We endured these tough times together, and I feel because of that we've gotten closer. I'm so proud of him. He's like an older brother whom I can depend on."

But through the toughest of times, fans and friends showed their support and sympathy to the family. For this, Park In Young expressed her deepest gratitude to everyone who provided them with so much comfort.

Although difficult still, Park In Young is slowly becoming active as an actress again. She is set to star in the upcoming theatre musical "Be Happy" this March.

Furthermore, Park In Young shared, "My father told me to succeed no matter what. Without being picky with roles, I'll do my very best to become acknowledged as a talented actress."

TagㆍPark In YoungLeeteukSuper Junior

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